Get To Know About Different Types Of Pergolas

Pergolas come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them serve a similar purpose. A pergola is a wooden or metal structure that’s typically designed to provide shade for outdoor areas. 

There are three main types of pergolas: open-air, arbor, and box. Each has its own advantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your garden. You can browse to select the right type of pergolas for your home.

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Here are different type of pergola:

  • Open-air pergolas are the simplest type, and they’re often the cheapest. They have no roof or railing, so they can be easily damaged by wind or rain. However, open-air pergolas are popular because they’re visually appealing and provide plenty of shade.

  • Arbor pergolas are similar to open-air pergolas except they have a roof and railing. This protects the structure from rain and wind damage, but it also makes it more expensive than open-air pergolas. Arbors also tend to be wider than open-air pergolas, which makes them better for larger gardens.

  • Box pergolas are the most popular type of pergola because they combine the best aspects of the other types. They have a roof and railing for protection from rain and wind, but they have a smaller footprint and are easier to move than arbor or open-air pergolas. 

When deciding which pergola to buy for your garden, it's important to take into account the purpose of the pergola.You'll need to think about how large you'd like the pergola to be. Will it cover just one part of your garden or will it span several acres? Do some research and find the best one for your home.