How Much Will a Crane Cost And Type of Crane Do You Need?

When you're thinking about hiring a crane, the cost is one of the first things you'll want to consider. A crane can vary in price significantly depending on its size and features. Here are some tips to help you figure out how much a crane hire in Nottingham will cost: 

  • Start by looking at the weight capacity of the crane. This will give you an idea of the kind of jobs the crane can handle. 

  • Also consider what type of lift the crane has, such as a boom or hoist. This will determine the range of prices for those types of cranes. 

  • Think about what features you need. For example, some cranes come with engines, while others require operators onboard to operate them. 

  • Last, factor in overhead costs such as fuel and maintenance. These can vary based on the size of the crane and how often you will use it.

For construction works, there are three main types of cranes: boom-type cranes, gantry-type cranes, and tower cranes. These differences are evident in the way they operate and the materials they can lift. Here's a quick rundown on each type: Boom stands use a boom that extends outward at an angle to reach the ground. 

They can handle projects that fall within a certain range of weight capacity up to about 3x their weight capacity. Gantry cranes stand straight with no arms for support. Instead, they have long horizontal beams that move between two vertical towers with wheels on them.