Roof Cleaning Will Save You Money

You may not be aware, however, the investment in roofing cleaning products or services isn't solely about looking good in your home (though it's a great bonus). It's more about taking the initiative to stay on top of an issue with maintenance which, if not addressed could lead to more serious problems shortly. 

These ugly black streaks you've likely noticed at the top of your roof are the result of Gloeocapsa Magma. It's an extremely robust type of blue-green algae. It may seem harmless at first, but the reality is that if left to flourish, it will eventually cause damage to the health and integrity of the asphalt shingles you have. You can also look for the best roof cleaning in Gold Coast via

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The process of shingle damage starts when an algae spore, or group of spores that are traveling across the sky, land on the roof. Then, it begins the process of eating the limestone filler that is in the granules of your shingles expanding and multiplying with each step.

Limestone is an energy source for algae and provides it the capacity to grow and eventually cover larger areas that cover your roofing. It may seem disgusting or unappealing, but the fact is that the stains on your roof are a sign of the fact that your roofing shingles may be disappearing! 

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