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Coffee Beans Facts That May Surprise You

If you're a coffee lover like me, you probably know a thing or two about which coffee beans are the best, and maybe even about roasting and grinding coffee beans

Here are a few facts about coffee beans, some of which you may not have heard of from having before!

The coffeehouse chain serves a variety of beverages including its signature ice-blended options. Whether you own a coffee shop that sells thousands of pounds of coffee beans a week or a small business that buys coffee in large bags to save money, finding the right wholesale coffee company is critical. You can also find the best coffee bean wholesalers near me via simplifyb2b.com/coffee.

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The largest coffee beans are the Nicaraguan Maragogipe, a variety of Arabica species. Good things come to those who wait with the right amount of shade, sun, rain, and the right climate, the coffee plant begins to produce fruit-bearing "seeds". 

Coffee beans are classified in different ways. Colombian beans are ranked from highest to lowest as "Supremo", "Excelso", "Extra" and "Pasilla". Kenyan grains are classified using letter grades AA, AB, PB, C, E, and TTgrade refers only to grain size, shape, and density. 

With beans, size matters, because larger beans contain more oil, which is what makes coffee so delicious. Costa Rican coffee beans are classified as Strictly Hard Beans, Medium Hard Beans, High Grown Atlantic, Medium Grown Atlantic, and Low Grown Atlantic, from highest to lowest.