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Tips To Keep Your Commercial Dishwasher Working Properly

Too many business owners make the error of purchasing a commercial dishwasher and installing it in their busy restaurant. Then they ignore any maintenance that is necessary to keep it running smoothly. It is crucial to follow the steps below to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. You can also hire professionals for commercial dishwashers repairs via the web. 

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1. Rinse Dishes

Before you put dishes in the dishwasher, it is crucial to rinse them thoroughly. Use a high-powered sprayer to quickly clean up any food or waste. Extra waste on dishes can only build up over time, making it harder for your dishwasher to work.

2. Full Loads

Before you start, make sure that your commercial dishwasher is fully loaded. It is not worth washing a full load of dishes in a commercial dishwasher. This will cost you more and use up more energy. You can save money and dishwasher energy by only washing full loads.

3. Monitor the Water Tank Temperature

Keep your water heater at 140 degrees. You will waste a lot of energy, and your bills will rise unnecessarily if you exceed this temperature while using your dishwasher. You could be causing unnecessary damage to your dishwasher's mechanisms if you heat the water to 140 degrees.

4. Keep an eye out for filters

You must pay attention to your dishwasher's filters in order to maintain its health. Commercial dishwashers should be cleaned and changed regularly to ensure that they don't have to work as hard. They will last longer if they are not required to work as hard every day. You will get more value for your money if you change and clean your dishwasher filters frequently.