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Dental Implants In Buderim: A Long-Term Replacement for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a safe and lasting solution to missing teeth. Implants that are well-designed and durable help increase the comfort, functionality, and appearance of natural teeth. An artificial dental bridge or tooth is supported by a dental implant, which is a prosthetic tooth root.

The implants typically comprise titanium screws with one of two surfaces: rough or polished surface (titanium is strong but it is also lightweight and impervious in the event of corrosion). After the tooth's root is inserted, a ceramic crown can be bonded to it. In the future, this procedure and the crown are an integral part of your teeth, by being bonded to the jawbone. 

Dental implant service at an affordable cost in Buderim provides several benefits including:

Dental Implant Procedure - Apollo Dental

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  • It is a replacement for teeth without relying on adjacent teeth to provide support.

  • The aesthetic effects of dental implants are better than conventional techniques like Dentures and dental bridges.

  • It is suitable for any adult regardless of the number of missing teeth.

  • It prevents the shrinking of bone that can occur after tooth loss.

  • The dental implant looks and feels similar to the natural tooth.

  • The rate of success for dental implant surgery is extremely high.

Two common kinds of the implant are

Endosteal Implants

It involves bone cylinders or screws being inserted in the jaw bone surgically. Typically, Patients with bridges or removable dentures may benefit from this type of implant.

Subperiosteal implants 

This implant is suitable for people who have a low bone height, as well as those who can't wear traditional dentures. The top of the jaw is where the implants are inserted.