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High-End Dog House Plans Made Simple

A high-quality dog house is rewarding and easy to do, particularly with the proper dog house designs. If you're looking for a simple wooden kennel or a luxurious dog house made of cedar, you can navigate to www.inthemarket.ie/product-category/marquees/.

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The Choice of Size

It may appear to be an easy task however there is more to it than you imagine. The first thing to consider is the number of dog breeds you have? And will you acquire more soon?

There are several different styles and sizes to pick from:

The standard-sized dog house – This is the usual dog kennel. It's big enough for a small or medium-sized dog. You could even include the door for your dog for those who reside in a frigid climate.

The "big dog" Kennel – This dog house is bigger than the normal size and can accommodate two small dogs, or one larger one (think Doberman or German Shepherd).

Duplex dog houses are an excellent idea when you have more than one dog. Of course, the majority of duplex dog house designs come with a removable separator wall, allowing them to get cozy during the winter months.

Construction Materials

The most popular material for building dog houses made of wood is. However, depending on your location, you may choose to make use of iron sheets, brick, and even stone. Be aware that these materials aren't far from being as versatile as wood.