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Charging Your Electric Car At Home

In recent years, there has been intense pressure from automakers to develop and market more high-end electric cars. In the last year alone, serious competitors have emerged, giving consumers the option of buying electric-only vehicles.

These cars do not rely on petroleum products and do not emit any emissions. Electric cars don't even have exhausts. Even though cars are readily available, most potential buyers don't know what it takes to bill a vehicle at home. Here is some information to help you.

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What do you need to charge at home?

Whenever a new electric car is purchased, many dealers do not require the homeowner to have the customer's electrical system checked by an electrician. If they do not agree, many appointments require signing an affidavit stating that they understand their responsibilities.

If you want to charge your electric car at home, you have two options. You can plug into a standard three-prong outlet rated at 15 amps (120V) or purchase a home charger. The Level 2 Home Charger charges at 240V, which means it's much faster.

This system must be installed by an electrician. Regardless of the method you choose to charge your car, it's important for an electrician to make sure that your charger socket is placed on a dedicated circuit. This will help you avoid problems that can arise from an overloaded circuit.