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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Marking In Maple Grove

Laser marking is often used to permanently mark an item to track it. This can be done for quality control or security reasons. A high-powered laser is now used instead of the traditional methods.

Most engravings result in some loss of marked material after it is etched. Laser marking, however, results in virtually no material loss which is in our best interest. The laser, when used to change the color of the material creates a visible mark that is virtually undetectable and has minimal impact on the item.

Laser marking can be done on most plastics. This process can be used for everything, from the identification of badges to complementary pens. Laser marking is becoming more popular in the industry because of its permanent nature. If you are in need you can get the best marking service of Laser via Proto Lase in Maple Grove.

Laser marking and engraving systems to preserve your identity

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It is also environmentally friendly as it does not require solvents or inks to be used for marking. Together with lower cost, this factor becomes a decisive one for many companies and individuals who are very environmentally conscious.

There are three main types of marking, depending on the material that is affected and the type of laser used to mark the item. Charring, which is not necessary, occurs when the absorption energy heats up enough to cause slight degradation of the surrounding material. 

This causes a black mark. When the temperature rises enough to cause polymers to become gasses, foaming can occur. The most common ablation is when the material gets extremely hot and the plastic completely degrades, leaving a clean depression. In recent years, the most popular uses of laser marking have been in bar-coding and certification of diamonds. 

This is a great market for lasers. Codes can be easily inscribed into diamonds using very narrow beams at low wavelengths, well within the deep ultraviolet range. This allows for virtually no external damage.