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Hire Skilled Nursing Facilities Consulting Services

Selecting the right care facility or in-home services for a loved one can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for in-home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing care, consulting services can connect you with the community healthcare resources your loved one needs.

They help many families and elderly family members understand how to preserve their financial well-being and plan for long-term care when needed. One can also get help via snf-solutions.com/services/consulting/ for nursing home consulting services.

They Support Skilled Nursing Facilities with:

Get Financial Refund

Check with your qualified medical facility weekly to identify cases of potential financial liability involving your residents, responsible parties, and government agencies.

Gaining Benefits for Citizens

To the extent permitted by law, they support eligible nursing homes that host individuals who have an intellectual disability or are unable to receive Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits on their own.

SNF consulting services assist qualified medical personnel in need of discharge with the necessary planning to qualify for the community Medi-Cal/Medicaid program and veterans benefits that can fund their return home.

They will classify residents as eligible or ineligible for Medi-Cal. If eligible, consultants will work directly with residents to obtain these benefits. If this is not the case, they will work closely with residents and those responsible for developing a financial care plan to access services.

Overview of Possible Assumptions

They work with your facility's admissions and marketing team to screen potential residents who may be admitted to your eligible medical facility and determine the source of payment for reimbursement prior to admission.

Since they work with your facility's staff and residents, they also provide weekly status reports to the management team of each eligible medical facility and corporate headquarters as needed.