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Installation Of Bathroom Backsplash Tiles In New York

No kitchen build or makeover is complete without a new backsplash. They are a surefire way to add personality, color, and texture to a room. The installation process can be a little tedious, but it's worth it. 

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Perhaps the most difficult part of installing the backsplash is making sure the tile lines are even everywhere. The best way to make sure they line up is to click on the chalk lines horizontally and vertically on the wall, starting at the exact center. 

In order for the tile to stick better to the wall, it is important to make edges or grooves with a trowel. Maintaining grooves of the same size and depth throughout the room ensures the tiles lay flat against the wall compared to some tiles that are taller than others.

The next element of the deal is pressing the tiles into the cement where they are. Once the tile is in contact with the cement, the installer must turn it slightly. Using the chalk lines as a guide, place the pieces on the wall in the same pattern that was tested earlier. 

Backsplash tiles made from natural materials such as crushed stone require a protective coating to hold the elements in the kitchen. Once each back is covered with grout, it's time to remove any excess material. When this last step is complete, the backsplash installation project is officially finished. The grout hardens in about three weeks, leaving a nice, strong coating that will last for years.