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About Tower 21 Restaurant In Chicago

Chicago is a city that receives many visitors around the world for its architecture, culture and history. As one of the biggest cities in America, Chicago offers something for everyone in terms of food and music! 

A gastropub is a restaurant that focuses on high quality beer, food and music. Tower 21 boasts fourteen different tap beers, including selections from local breweries like Revolution Brewing Co., Pinthouse Pizza and Goose Island Beer Co. You can find information regarding tower 21 restaurants via https://www.tower12hb.com/.

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The selection of draft beer at Tower 21 also includes bottle beers, with a significant amount of bottles from Goose Island alone. Tower 21 has multiple large televisions showcasing sports games daily, as well as music videos and music videos from popular artists. 

The restaurant's interior is decorated with vintage signs from Chicago's past such as "No Tipping" signs from 1940s-1950s restaurants, old Chicago street signs and old movie posters. Tower 21 also has a full bar with cocktails, wine and beer.

The restaurant offers several specialty beers that are only available at the brewery tap room, including a black ale made with molasses, honey and blueberries called "Black Betty". The restaurant's pub food menu offers standard American fare such as burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and appetizers.