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How to Utilize Tire Chains In Snow?

Don't wait till the snow is falling thick and quick. Get the chains in place when snow is expected to spare you from future hassle. If you're not a pro with heavy snow, it will make the already challenging task more difficult. You can also search online to get the best automatic tire chains.

Best Tire Chains For Snow and Winter Driving For 2022 - Forbes Wheels

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Find out if your car is rear-wheel driven, front-wheel driven, or has all-wheel drive. Set chain on the ground just ahead of the drive wheels. (All-wheel drive vehicles require chains to be placed on the four tires.)

If the chains are equipped with tensioning mechanism make sure that it is located on the side of the wheel for easy access.

The chains should be straightened and aligned against the tire.

Slowly move your car forward on the chains until you come to a stop midway.

Connect the fasteners to all chains.

If your chains don't tighten themselves, it's time for you to tighten the chains. They'll have either a ratchet mechanism or come equipped with tighteners made of rubber.

Verify that the tires can move by moving your fingers at the very top of the chain.

The majority of manufacturers recommend the maximum speed of 30 mph when chains are in place. (After all, when the road conditions call for chains, you'll probably be going more slowly in the end.)

If you are driving too fast your chains could break, damage the paint on your car's exterior or cause tire damage.

Avoid hitting potholes, as it could damage your vehicle and chains.